Skin tightening technique spells danger for electrosensitives

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Dermatology is offering a new non-surgical, needle-free skin-tightening procedure performed with a Thermage® device that contours skin all over the body face, eyelids, neck, abdomen, arms, legs using focused radio waves.

Thermage emits radio waves that travel very deeply into the skin and the subcutaneous tissue to promote collagen remodeling and help tighten skin; works well on patients who want a younger appearance and improved skin tone without relying on surgery, injections or chemical applications and is safe for all skin types and  body areas.

Thermage treatments can usually be performed in one or two sessions lasting from 20 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the treatment area. Anesthesia is not required.

During a Thermage treatment, a slight warmth on the skin signals that radiofrequency energy is being absorbed. This warmth indicates that collagen is being stimulated and tightened.Afterward, the treated skin may be slightly red for a day or two; the patient's work schedule, daily routines and sun exposure can remain unchanged.

However, what is not clear is what effect such radio active treatment might have on those who are already sensitised to electromagnetic radiation.

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First Published in November 2009

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