Green Pastures and Interference Fields - Dr. Stephen Bourne

Dr Stephen Bourne, a GP of 30 years standing, attributes much of our ill health to a failure to understand the negative power of geopathic stress and electro magnetic pollution. Could it be relevant in food intolerance?

Good earth energy is hinted at in the twenty third psalm: ‘'The Lord is my shepherd. He lays me down in green pastures. He leads me beside tranquil waters. He restores my soul.' The ancient Chinese and wealthy landowners in Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution also knew that sheep are attracted to areas of healthy earth energies, and built their houses at places favoured by sheep. The significance of the biblical reference to tranquil waters is self evident. Most people feel spiritually uplifted by the healthy energies associated with naturally vibrant water at the seaside, lakes and rivers. Spa towns are located at natural water sources with healing energies.

If some locations have particularly healthy energies, it follows that others have less healthy ones. Unhealthy locations are said to be geopathically stressed. Sheep, dogs and horses are known to avoid geo-pathically stressed locations, while cats, ants and beetles actually seek them out. Small children put to bed in cots are very sensitive to harmful earth energies, and if placed in a geopathically stressed location, an infant will shift away from the unhealthy zone, and sleep curled up at one end, or at the side of the cot.

The reason why some creatures avoid geopathically stressed zones, and why others seek them out, is to do with the ideal resonance frequencies for different species. Life itself is dependent on the healthy coherent resonances that constitute neurotransmitters (hormones) and that control biological cellular function through the activation of living cell membranes. Biological systems are very vulnerable to the weak interference fields that constitute geopathic stress. Harmful interference fields can also be caused by manmade electrical installations. These concepts are explained in more detail in ’'Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place?' By Rolf Gordon.

The most important sources of geopathic stress are naturally occurring moving streams of underground water and above ground interference fields. Dowsers have found such ‘disturbance fields' to be more pronounced at times of sunspot activity, changing weather fronts, in winter and in areas of environmental pollution.

Artificial causes of harmful electro-magnetic pollution, include high voltage power cables, radio transmitters, radio telephones, heavy duty transformers, computers, 'sick' concrete and steel buildings, radioactive pollution and X-rays. It is worth emphasising that it is unhealthy for small children to sit within three feet of a television set, and that many office workers, who are ’'always tired', may spend too much time in front of their computer screens. It is also inadvisable to over use mobile phones.

There is evidence that exposure to geopathic stress weakens the immune system causing a wide range of health problems. For example, in 1929 Freiherr von Pohl, a German dowser, mapped out geopathically stressed areas in houses in Vilsburg, South Germany. At the time of mapping von Pohl did not know the whereabouts of the houses of the townspeople who had previously died of cancer. Subsequently, the German Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin independently checked the addresses of the 'cancer houses' from the local hospital records. They found that the residences of all 54 cancer patients correlated exactly with the geo-pathically stressed zones marked out on von Pohl's map. Further research, carried out by von Pohl and his medical associates, added asthma, depression, back pain, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart problems to the illnesses associated with harmful earth radiation.

One of the best-known more recent workers in the field was Kathe Bachler, an Austrian schoolteacher with considerable enthusiasm and interest in dowsing and related health research. During the 1970's, she dowsed three thousand homes in fourteen different countries and investigated geopathic stress related health problems in eleven thousand people. She concluded that 95% of the school children with behaviour disorders who she had investigated, were sleeping in beds, or working at school desks located in harmful interference fields. She also checked a sample of five hundred cancer patients, each of whom, she found to have been sleeping in a bed exposed to harmful earth radiation. Her findings were published in 1978 in her book 'Earth Radiation'. (1.)

In the book she presented the evidence for the connection between interference fields and learning difficulties in children, and a wide range of other illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer. She also outlined many impressive and convincing case histories. In the book's introduction Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, pointed out that, ’although the medical profession in the U.K. is quite backwards in using dowsing to diagnose geopathic stress, many doctors in Germany, Austria and France regularly use dowsers in their health care programmes.

The dangers of man made interference fields, especially those from mobile phone relay stations, are a subject of controversy. However, many city workers are familiar with 'sick building syndrome' in which workers in steel and concrete office blocks suffer with chronic fatigue. This syndrome is not only caused by too much time spent in front of a word processor, but by the steel and concrete materials used in the building. Such materials prevent healthy earth energies (Schumann waves) from penetrating the building. Experimentally, if animals are kept in a specially constructed wire cage designed to block Schumann waves (Faraday cage), they become ill. In space travel, Schumann waves need to be synthesised in order to maintain the astronauts in good health. Ideally, healthy buildings should be constructed of stone or wood, natural materials permeable to good earth energies.

A well-documented scenario of health problems, relating to the installation of high voltage power cables took place in Britain during the 1970’s, at Fishpond, a small town in Dorset. As a result of severe electromagnetic pollution from the high voltage power cables, many of the local residents experienced lassitude, insomnia, anorexia, dizziness, and even trembling. The interference fields at Fishpond were so strong, that a disconnected fluorescent light actually glowed when placed in the interference in the field. In the U.S.A. it is illegal to place high voltage power cables within 350 yards of living areas. In Britain, the authorities seem to take a rather laissez faire attitude to electromagnetic pollution.

Exposure to interference fields is initially experienced as nervousness, depression, inability to concentrate, and insomnia. Some people develop cramps, notice an increased heart rate, or feel too hot or too cold in bed at night. Babies may cry continuously, and children wet their beds. A high incidence of marriage break-ups has been noted among geopathically stressed couples. Patients with untreated geopathic or electro-magnetic stress do not respond favourably to any sort of treatment until they have moved away from the interference field or had it neutralised.

Some examples of health problems associated with geopathic stress in my own career as a general practitioner, include a child with chronic otitis media (middle ear infection), who did not respond to treatment with antibiotics or even to treatment with grommets, and a child with epilepsy, who had been so strongly sedated with conventional drugs that he became listless and apathetic. Both children recovered fully, and were able to stop their medication once their sleeping positions had been safely relocated.

I have seen several cases of cancer among adults, in which the patients were found to be sleeping or working in severely geopathically stressed locations. After relocating their sleep or work positions their energy levels and sense of well being markedly improved. There seems to be a strong case for including geopathic stress management in all cancer treatment regimens.

The diagnosis and management of geopathic and electro-magnetic stress are generally beyond current conventional medical expertise. The diagnosis can be made with bio-energy medicine, which is painless and non-invasive. (2.) The precise location of the geopathic stress can be confirmed with onsite dowsing using dowsing rods. A rough and ready way to get an indication of the presence of interference fields, is to walk through the area being investigated holding a radio tuned to a weak radio signal: the presence of an interference field will be indicated by an increase in atmospherics, and by distortion of the radio signal.

Although modern electronic devices are capable of detecting the presence of strong artificial electro-magnetic interference fields; it has not been possible even with the most sophisticated electronic instrumentation to reliably detect the extremely weak interference fields associated with geopathic stress. The high level of background interference from other sources (such as radio transmissions) masks and prevents the electronic detection of the very weak interference fields that are associated with geopathic stress. Human dowsers are far better at detecting interference fields than any electronic equipment, while animals, insects and young children can simply ‘'sense' their presence.

Management of geopathic stress and of electromagnetic pollution initially involves locating the site of the interference field, so that the patient can decide how best to keep out of the danger zone. A practitioner of bio-energy medicine will, in addition to diagnosing and locating the interference fields, generally prescribe a tailor made regimen, mainly selected from modern homeopathy and nutritional medicine, that has been designed to strengthen the patient’s immune system and to encourage natural healing.

For those unable to avoid exposure neutralising devices are available. (3) These are stabilising multiwave oscillators, which plug into the mains electrical supply, and reduce the frequency of unhealthy interference fields towards a more biological wavelength of about 8Hz (cycles/sec).

If we are convinced that chronic poor health develops as a result of exposure to various health hazards, it makes good sense to increase our awareness and understanding of them. In my own experience, interference fields along with psychological stress, toxic mercury amalgam dental fillings, incomplete digestion associated with unhealthy bacteria in the gut, poor nutrition, chemical and industrial pollution, chronic intestinal infection with ‘difficult to diagnose’ micro organisms, and side effects of prescription drugs are all important and commonly overlooked factors in the pathogenesis of disease. Since the majority of conventional doctors in Britain tend to be poorly informed about these types of problems, it makes good sense to have bio-energetic health checks in addition to conventional ones.

Although there is plenty of evidence to support the view that sheep-inhabited green pastures are healthier places to be than interference fields, few of us actually have the choice. We can, however, look after our own health by ensuring that our homes and our work places are free of harmful interference fields, and that other commonly under diagnosed health risks have not been overlooked.

Dr. Bourne practices bio-energy medicine and modern homeopathy in Essex.

(1) Kathe Bachler’s book, 'Earth Radiation' is available in the UK (ISBN 0951415107).

(2) Geopathic stress can be diagnosed with bio-energy medicine. For further information check

(3) For neutralising devices contact:
Geomack Tel: 01843 570870) or Dulwich Health Tel: 020 8670 5883


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