Power lines harm farm animals

The French power grid RTE has been forced to pay 390,000 euros to a farming family in Tulle (in the Limousin region) after the judges at the court hearing became convinced that it was the high voltage power lines erected 30 metres from their farm that had caused health problems both for a farmer’s family and his animals.

‘We had to shut our pigsty’ said Serge Maracouyoux, ‘because we couldn’t stop the piglets dying while the power line caused ulcers and bleeding in our 50 dairy cows and muscular paralysis in our heifers. Many died and all became less productive.’

The high voltage line also caused respiratory probelms for the 34-year-old farmer and deafness in his 57-year-old mother and 59-year-old father. He said that his symptoms stopped when he moved into a caravan further away from the power lines.

Courtesy of www.es-uk.info



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