Reported functional impairments of electrohypersensitive Japanese – 07/12

Professors Yasuko Kato and Olle Johansson

A questionnaire survey was carried out with a group of 75 EHS people (95% women) in Japan through an ES self help group.

They reported that 85% suffered from headache and concentration, memory, and thinking difficulty; 72% had used some form of complementary/alternative therapy.

The most common trigger of EHS onset appeared to be a mobile phone base station or personal handy-phone system (37%); 65% thought their health problems were caused by the radiation from other passengers' mobile phones in trains or buses – 12% said that they could not use public transport at all.

While 53% had had a job before the onset of ES most had had to partially or totally give up working and 85% had to take measures to protect themselves fromEMF, such as moving to low EMF areas, or buying low EMF electric appliances.

Respondents reported taht they were not only suffering from their ES symptoms but from economic and social problems caused by thier ES.

Pathophysiology 19 (2012) 95–100

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