Dr Gary Johnson and the ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute set up a research centre and refuge in Colorado


The concept of the ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute (EMSRI) originated in early 2012. The sensitivity of Dr. Gary Johnson to cell phones and wireless became worse so he started searching for a place where the electric fields were relatively small. Several lots became available on foreclosure in Rockvale, Colorado, (located between Florence and Cañon City) and he was able to buy 59 acres. The land contains a box canyon (or gulch). The bottom of the gulch is shielded from electromagnetic waves from three sides by the topography. Development of the concept is proceeding on three fronts:

• One front is to develop safe housing for a number of sensitives. There would be space in the gulch for perhaps 25 to 50 cabins.

• A second front will be the construction of an engineering research building.

• A third front will be the construction of a medical research building

The ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute is looking for researchers (engineers, biochemists, etc.), medical people, support personnel (accountant, architect, nurses, etc.), sensitives who would like to live in a low emf environment, and investors. People with any interest in being involved with EMSRI should send an email to gjohnson3712@sbcglobal.net


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