Links to sites and organisations offering shielding and other devices to help mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Comprehensive listing of ES sites worldwide
supplied by the French site - 2009

April 2010. A member of ES-UK has put together a really excellent, comprehensive directory of products and services that measurably reduce the amount of EMF exposure, or enable people to avoid places which have high EMF levels – no pendants or herbs... Click here for a downloadable pdf.

Michael Bevington of ES-UK has written a 45 page booklet entitled: 'ES and EHS - A Summary'. This book is an ideal way to present a well ordered summary of every scientific paper written about ES to friends, family, employers, doctors and medical practitioners, MPs, colleagues and neighbours. It also includes a detailed list of symptoms, existing diagnosis and treatment protocols, historic developments, etc. To reserve a copy please send a cheque or money order for £10 payable to ES-UK to: BM Box ES-UK, London WC1N 3XX, UK
UK and Irish supplier of the Graham Stetzer dirty electricity filters. Good installation informatiion and general back up research and articles.

Blue Sun Organite stones which help shield the effects of electrical and mirowave radiation (mobile phones). You can also make the stones yourself -

Coghill Research Laboratories. The laboratory specialises in bioelectromagnetics (the interaction of electricity and magnetism with organic life) and the development of therapeutic magnet therapy.
Dirty electricty filters - Graham Stetzer products.
Dyane will make clothes nad undergarments from shielding material.   Measuring service for electromagnetic sensitivity. (UK) Wide range of emf shielding devices including clothing and shielding wallpaper.

EMFields  (UK)   Wide range of sheilding products and materials, Orchid low radiation digital phones with answering machine, on demand switches, radiation measuring devices and books.

EMF Safety Store (US) Large range of ready to use sheidling products, and sheilding materials.

EMF Solutions Canada - an EMF consultancy which offers home inspections as well as a range of filters and protection devices.
Screening prodicts, monitors and detectors, on demand switches for electric current etc.
Vibrational energy protection devices and therapies developed by an electrical engineer turned homeopath/vibrational energy expert.  Wide range of sheilding, measuring and protection materials and devices.

LED Light bulbs: - Useful suggestions as to how to minimise EMF exposure from one of the leading US groups.
Electromagnetic radiation protection for mobile phone, wireless communications, home, body etc based on the neutralisation of EMR.
Interesting site dealign with 'earthing' ones-self.   Measuring & shielding equipment, electrocloth, books. (UK)



The Powerwatch Handbook - Simple ways to make you and your family safer - by Alasdair and Jean Philips
This and a number of other useful books are available on the EMFields site

Safe as Houses - Ill health and Electro-stress in the home - by David Cowan and Rodney Girdlestone

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