French authorities recognise dangers of mobile phone masts

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The Crown Court of Nanterre, sentenced the company Bouygues Telecom to pay compensation costs and ordered the removal of the mast. The authorisation was given for psychological distress suffered by the residents and declares that, after a period of four months counting from the announcement of the present decision, the penalty that accompanies the sentence to remove the installation pronounced by the Crown Court is fixed at a sum of 500€ (five hundred euros) per day of delay.

The Greens Senators and Senators welcomed the decision of the Versailles Court of Appeal to order the dismantling of an antenna relay Bouygues Telecom in Tassin la Demi-lune in the Rhone ..

This decision comes to confirm the condemnation pronounced by the Court of Nanterre in opposition to the corporation Bouygues Telecom considering that the presence of an antenna relay of mobile communication nearby of dwellings constitutes an abnormal disturbance of neighbourhood reparable by the dismantling of the antenna.

This ruling gives legal recognition to the risks posed by the masts for mobile phones on human health, which may result in serious disorders such as cancers.

The decision rests in particular on the BIO 2007 Initiative which was created by a group of independent scientists, industrialists and mobile operators, and which requires public authorities of each country to review the exposure standards electromagnetic fields.

It is now up to the Government to take responsibility for setting new standards to protect the health of the population and thus avoid a new health catastrophe from happening.

A second court decision ordered the removal of another phone mast in Châteauneuf-du-Pape France.

The court acknowledged that the mast is a potential health risk; The news was published on the front page of the French newspaper the Vaucluse on Sunday 22nd February, 2009.

Mobile phone relay antennas at Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Judge orders Demolition

The law has decided in favour of the residents living near the relay antennas on grounds of “detriment to view” but also of “a potential health risk”. The pylon 25 metres high therefore has to be dismantled. It’s a first in this region. By taking this decision the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI-District Court) of Carpentras made it clear that new phone antennas cannot be installed without proper consideration. At Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the relay phone mast belonging to the mobile operator SFR must be demolished. The judge acknowledged “A potential health risk”.

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First Published in 2009

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