Liechtenstein for a mobile phone heaven.

Despite dire warnings from the phone companies that it will no longer be possible to operate a mobile phone network in the country, the Liechtenstein parliament has confirmed that it intends to adopt a limit of radiation from relay antennas of 0.6 V/m instead of the present 6.0 V/m. (The 6.0 V/m limit which is in place in Switzerland is already worlds better than the French government guidelines which remain 61 V/m – a radiation level no less than 10,000 times higher than that recommended for safety.)

The parliament had no time for the companies’ arguments and is clearly determined to reach an outcome that will ensure a high-quality mobile communication system in Liechtenstein with a radiation level as low as possible for the sake of public health. It also concluded that there is no need to carry out further studies on the health hazards of phone masts; instead members requested that the government undertake a series of tests with relay antenna emissions limited to 0.6 V/m.

In fact the threats from the phone companies of withdrawal from Liechtenstein have had quite the opposite effect from that intended, as members have now asked the government to explore and to evaluate alternative solutions such as having a mobile phone infrastructure belonging to the state, which could grant concessions to private networks.

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First Published in November 2009

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