Mobile phone link to kids’ bad behaviour revealed in study of Danish mothers


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A study on over 28,000 seven year olds and their mothers has found that children who had early exposure to mobile phones are more likely to have behavioural problems. Leeka Kheifets of the University of California at Los Angeles and colleagues examined the records of women and children taking part in the Danish National Birth Cohort. Mothers supplied information about mobile phone use alongside details of diet, lifestyle and habits. When their children reached seven years old, the mothers were surveyed once again on their own and their children’s health.

The researchers found that those children who had been exposed to mobile phone use before and after birth were 50% more likely to have behavioural problems. Exposure to mobile phones whilst in the womb meant children were 40% more likely to have behavioural problems, and this dropped to 20% for those whose first exposure was after birth. The risk was higher in children who began using mobile phones themselves at a very early age.

There has been some scepticism with regards to these findings, and the author has also cautioned against drawing any conclusions about mobile phone use in pregnant mothers and young children: however the research findings do warrant a more in depth study.

Journal of Epidemiological and Community Health

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First Published in January 2011

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