Orange refused base station license in residential area of Paris on the precautionary principle.

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The telecoms operator Orange was refused permission, on the precautionary principle, by a court August 11th to install a mobile base station in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, Avenue d'Italie.

Orange had planned to install this antenna at less than 15 meters from a bedroom, and more specifically the bed, of a local resident. The recommended safe distance is 100 meters. The owner complained.

This decision is not the first of its kind but it is exceptional for three reasons:
First, in this case, unlike certain judgments or decrees in thecourts of appeal pronounced in recent months, there is no school nearby, no children who are more sensitive than adults. These are just residents who have objected to the installation – and they have succeeded.
Secondly – this is the ruling against a telcom company in the capital.
And finally, the judge's ruling was made in chambers (an emergency procedure) so only took a few weeks.

This decision could therefore lead to a flood of objections...

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First Published August 2009

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