Laxmi', living in Canada, is now so chemically sensitive that she reacts to all clothing and has to live inside a Faraday cage erected over her bed.

I was electrocuted, almost 3 years ago, and developed a full-blown case of Environmental Illness, with both Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivity overnight as a result. I have been diagnosed ever since that time in critical condition.

I have been homeless for 8 months as a result of this condition.

I am currently staying at a friend's place, where I am allergic to many things in the environment: a lot of wireless signal, dust and mold. I am able to stay here for a short time longer.

What is most challenging about my situation is I am no longer able to wear any clothing because of the degree of my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

I spend my time in a Faraday Cage, (that blocks wireless signals) that is set up over my bed. There is a lot of wireless in the building where I am, and my Electromagnetic Sensitivities are acute. I cannot be outside the cage for more than a few minutes without experiencing extreme symptoms, which worsen my condition. And because I cannot wear clothing, I cannot go out into the world.

It is cold here in Canada, where I live. especially needing to leave the window open to clear the air of the dust and mold in the apartment.

I do not have alternate accommodation to go to that would not trigger severe reactions.

I need a place that has:

* hardwood floors, that have not recently been refinished, and/or tile floors, (rather than carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring).

* wooden cupboards (rather than press board or malamine).

* electric or hot water heat (rather than gas, wood, oil, forced-air or propane).

* not had pesticides sprayed in it.

* is not near the laundry room or drier vent.

* has not had insecticides sprayed in the garden if there is a garden near the living space.

* has not had incense, glade plug-ins nor any other strong chemicals used in it.

* is not in close proximity to other places that have wireless technology

The usual medical and government organizations have not been able to help me with a housing search, funding for housing appropriate to my needs, any other essential needs, nor medical help, although I do have a diagnosis from my doctor. My needs do not fit the mandates of the organizations I have approached, so I am appealing to individuals who understand my situation to help me.

I am unable to stay in homeless shelters, because of the pesticides and other chemicals they use there.

Unless I have a place to go soon, I will be in my car, without clothing, in a Canadian winter, unable to go into grocery stores or restaurants to get food. I suppose drive-thrus could work, but I need to eat or organic or I react!

I urgently need help to find appropriate housing.

And at present, I need food delivered to the place where I stay in the Faraday Cage, from the few places in town whose food I am able to eat. I am unable to cook, because I need to remain in the Faraday Cage set up over my bed to avoid severe Electromagnetic Sensitivity reactions.

My bed is made up of pillows and sterile table paper, from my doctor's office. I am allergic to all sheets and blankets I have tried, and do not have a laundry facility I try to get some clothes and bedding that could work for me, so I am cold.

I have become unable to work, because I cannot wear clothing and so, cannot go out.

I need financial help from people who understand my situation, help looking for accommodation, and help with food delivery and costs, until I am able to get into appropriate accommodation.

I would also like help to produce media stories -- help from people who are familiar with this world would be deeply appreciated.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to help me or know of someone who might.

My story is perfect for raising awareness about Environmental Illness, how challenging it can be, and about the current lack of services available for people with this illness.

Please contact me by leaving your telephone number on my message service number: Canada 250-384-3030. I almost never use the computer to collect my emails, because of my Electromagnetic Sensitivities.

I will be living outdoors in Canada soon, without clothing nor bedding, if I am not able to receive help to find accommodation suitable to my health condition. This could lead to hospitalization, against my will, which, according to Dr Rea, can kill a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or could lead to sleep deprivation and hypothermia.

Friends and family do not seem to understand my circumstances, and so far, none are willing to make the changes in their homes necessary to accommodate me. It has been difficult for people who do not understand this illness to comprehend the reality and urgency of my situation, and I am in great need of help.


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First Published in November 2009

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