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Excellent article in the Science of Us including a description by ES campaigner, Dafna Tachover, of her own journey through ES. March 2015

Alwyn Lewies has been unable to live with his wife and two small children for nearly six years because of his EMR symptoms which include, among others, constant crippling migraine headaches and epileptic type fits. He has been forced to sleep for many nights in his car and for the last six months has been living in a man-made tent in the South African bush. Read his full story here. 02/12

Swedish refugees from EMR, Bo and Sonja Fredburg, interviewed by Today Health

Forced to Disconnnect – the stories of electrohypersensitive fugitives in Sweden by Gunilla Ladberg 10/10

Pulling the plug on the cordless phone – how giving up the family's cordless phone dramatically improved their eight-year-old's behaviour. 2010

Electrosensitivity: a first person perspective by Dr David Fancy – co-founder of WEEP – Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

'Laxmi', living in Canada, is now so chemically sensitive that she reacts to all clothing and has to live inside a Faraday cage erected over her bed. 11/09

Sarah Dacre, who now co-ordinates much of the PR for ES-UK tells how long standing, undiagnosed ES forced her to give up a successful business and a life style which had included regular skiing, hill walking and tango dancing!

Biker, Mr Giles, got heart palpitations from carrying his mobile in the top pocket of his biking jacket - and more. 2009

How low level, undiagnosed ES can combine with other vaccination-triggered problems to seriously effect quality of life<. 2008
Courtesy of ES-UK

The mobile phone/wifi experiences of Wiliam Bruno, a PhD researcher in applied physics working at the WHO in Geneva. 2008
Courtesy of ES-UK

Sandhi and her husband are about to move for the fifth time since 2003 in an attempt to escape microwave radiation... 2008
Courtesy of ES-UK

Living with ES: Foods Matter's editor discovered six months ago that she is electrically sensitive and probably has been for years. She describes how she deals with it - Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2008

An interview with Brian Stein, chief executive of a major food manufacturer even though he does not use a moile phone or a computer since becoming electrically sensitive eight years ago. Brian is a trustee of ES-UK and of the EM Radiation Research Trust.

First Published in Febury 2007