Delaying the introduction of solid foods can influence allergy in childhood

Using data from the Finnish Type 1 Diabetes Prediction and Prevention nutrition study, a group of Finnish scientists looked at 994 children for whom information on breastfeeding, age of introduction to solid foods and allergen-specific immunoglobulin levels at the age of five were available.

Average breastfeeding time was 1.8 months. They found that late introduction of potatoes, oats, rye, wheat, meat, fish and eggs was directly associated with sensitisation to food allergens. Specifically, late introduction of potatoes, rye, meat and fish was associated to any inhalant allergen. Eggs, oats and wheat were associated mostly with food allergens, and potatoes and fish associated mostly with inhalant allergic sensitisation.

The scientists concluded that late introduction of solid foods is associated with increased risk of allergic sensitisation to food and inhalant allergens.

Source: Pediatr

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First Published in December 2009

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