Pregnancy diet and eczema...

A study carried out at the GSF Institute of Epidemiology at Neuherberg in Germany, has found some significant associations between a woman's diet in the last four weeks of pregnancy and allergies and eczema in her offspring at the age of two years.

Based on data from 2,641 children, it was found that high maternal intakes of margarine and vegetable oils during the last four weeks of pregnancy were linked to eczema during the first two years in the offspring, but that eating a lot of fish late in pregnancy seemed to offer some protection against eczema.

Children born to mothers who ate a lot of celery and citrus fruit were at increased risk for sensitisation to food allergens, and high maternal intakes of deep-frying vegetable fat, raw sweet pepper and citrus fruit were associated with sensitisation to inhaled allergens.

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First Published June 2007

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