Toxic chemicals in children’s car seats

The Ecology Centre in Michigan, USA tested over 150 models of car seats manufactured in 2011 and found that 44% contained brominated flame retardants (BFRs), which lack adequate health safety data or are considered toxic. 60% contained one or more of the hazardous chemicals included in the test such as PVCs (chlorines), BFRs and heavy metals.

There is no doubt that car seats save lives in the event of accidents, and no question but that babies and children should be put in them whilst the car is moving. However when the seats are exposed to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight, some of the chemical compounds found in the seats break down fast releasing toxic substances that have been associated with allergies, cancer, liver toxicity, birth defects and impaired learning. Since there are car seats with virtually no dangerous chemicals in them, it seems that parents should be made aware of the choices available.

See the results of the study here.

Source: Healthy Stuff


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First Published in August 2011

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