John Scott no longer trawls the web

Alas, John is currently not able to trawl the web for us – or for anyone. Despite his surgery last year to remove intestinal strictures, further blockages appear to have formed in his bowel making it virtually
impossible for him to tolerate even the elemental formula on which he normally lives. Moreover, recent hospitalisation to investigate this blockage has caused an major flare up of his ME so that he is currently both bed bound and unable to eat.

As he says, ‘it's the combination of all the factors that make the situation so dire and, without a satisfactory solution to at least one of them, the future looks unacceptably bleak. ‘The ME alone, even if severe, is something one could live with, but, when there is also absolutely nothing that one can eat without suffering an adverse reaction, Annabel’s ultimate solution to the problem (see FM Jan 08) has suddenly begun to appear remarkably sensible – eat nothing.’

He has been prescribed a short course of steroids which, hopefully, may dampen down the reactions he seems to suffer to everything he ingests and allow him to at least recoup his forces.
We know how much readers appreciate John’s contributions to FM and admire his courage in continuing to battle his condition and we know that you will all wish him a speedy alleviation of his symptoms and a return to some measure of health.

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First Published in August 2008

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