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Diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr Sarah Myhill. Essential reading for for anyone who suffers from, or knows someone who suffers from, or who works with, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. June 2014

The General Medical Council (GMC) has, since 2001, staged a number of prosections of Dr Sarah Myhill, a private GP with a special interest in ME, after they had recieved an anonymous complaint about her work, not from a patient, but from a doctor. In August 2011 the GMC reinstated her on the Medical Register after the latest hearing against her was cancelled 'with no case to answer'. Click here for her press release. 08/11

Interesting 'infographic' on what treatments work best for CFS – March 2011

Yoga Nidra – Satyananda Yoga teacher Rebecca Allen gives an overview of the practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, one of the most powerful forms of deep relaxation or mediation available, which has especial benefits for people with ME/CFS. November 2010

Diagnostic quiz for hypo/hyperthyroidism - January 2010

Wriggling out of food intolerance – John Scott describes how a dose of worms has dramatically improved his chronic fatigue. November 2009

A different approach: reverse therapy devised for treating ME and related disorders has been used for sufferers from allergies and intolerances with success – Rob Mesrie 2008

Iratherm – turning up the heat: an investigation into how raising the core body temperature could be positively curative – James Mallinson 2004



Research Reports

A recent study found that Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 showed a significant improvement of IBS. Since IBS is co-morbid with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), it should also cause improvement of CFS. August 2013

Web-based psychotherapy appears to be more successful than conventional psychotherapy for teenage CFS. BBC report on The Lancet, news release, Feb. 29, 2012

Is autism related to CFS and Fibromyalgia?
June 2011

Action for ME finds results of the recent PACE trial 'surprising and disappointing'
Febuary 2011

Eating spinach makes for more efficient muscles, helpful for ME or CFS sufferers
Febuary 2011

Quercetin may boost mitochondrial function
October 2009

Beetroot juice boosts stamina
August 2009

Probiotic may help to ease anxiety symptoms for those with CFS.
May 2009

Probiotics may help with chronic fatigue
May 2009

Chocolate for CFS
July 2009

CFS and contemporary Chinese medicine
June 2008

CFS and cortisol
June 2008

New guidelines on diagnosis and managment of ME/CFS in adults and children.
December 2007

Antiviral may ease some cases of CFS
October 2007

Things are looking up across the pond!
April 2007

New guidelines on diagnosis and managment of ME/CFS in adults and children.
December 2007

Medical Referrals - Staying In The Loop
(April 2006

GP Guidance on the management of ME/CFS
April 2006

Alternative treatment for adolescents with chronic-fatigue
April 2005


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