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Helminths give chronic headache and migraine the 'heave-ho'- John Scott's intake of paracetamol to control his chronic headache has dropped from 70–90 a month to six thanks to helminthic therapy. July 2011

How to address chronic headaches with food choices - Dr Ben Kim 07/09



Research Reports


Lemon grass for headache
March 2010

Discovery of behavioural link between insomnia and tension-type headaches
March 2009

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache
December 2008

'Medication overuse headaches' surprisingly common.
November 2008

Nerve stimulation therapy can alleviate chronic headache pain
October 2008

Body mass index linked to severe headaches and migraine
October 2008

Natural headache remedies
October 2008

Headache management programme benefits migraine patients
October 2008

Migraine and headache sufferers not found a satisfactory regime to manage their condition
March 2008

Acid reflux linked to headaches
March 2008

Causes of headache
January 2008

Self-hypnosis can benefit children and adolescents with chronic headaches
June 2007


First Publishd in June 2007


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