Chocolate for Migraine?


A new study from Missouri State University's Center for Biomedical & Life Sciences and presented at the International Headache Society's 14th International Headache Congress hosted by the American Headache Society (AHS) in Philadelphia, has provided the first evidence for the value of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) as a dietary supplement in repressing inflammatory responses within the trigeminal ganglia which are thought to play a role in migraine.

It appears that a cocoa-enriched diet in rats can repress the proteins that are associated with the promotion and maintenance of inflammatory responses such as migraine and although researchers emphasise that this
is an early animal study, it shows promise in helping researchers understand more about how migraine might be prevented and treated.

NB  Some 36 million Americans suffer with migraine, more than either diabetes or asthma.

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First Published in 2009


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