Cloths for pain relief and healing

A preliminary clinical study has shown that clothing enhanced with a proprietary material, called Celliant, can significantly reduce pain, aid healing and increase comfort.

When knitted, woven or added to fabrics, the specially formulated mat-erial achieves these effects by increasing oxygen levels in the body and helping to regulate body temperature.

Using measurement techniques employed in clinical trials of pain relief medications, the recent study found that the magnitude of pain relief reported by participants using products enhanced with Celliant was much greater than that reported by participants using placebo products.

Celliant is available in a variety of products for sleep, sport, health, and general day wear. For more information about these products, about how Celliant works, and about relevant studies, visit

A more organic approach to clothing sensitive skin is being pursued in India, where cloth is infused with herbs selected according to the traditional Indian approach to medicine known as ayurveda.
Natural cotton is dipped into a solution containing one or more of 28 medicinal plants selected according to ayurvedic theory. For skin problems, indigo mixed with turmeric is often used.

The herb-dyed cloth – called ayurvastra – is then made into shirts, which are claimed to cure itchy or sore skin, or sold as sheets which are said to encourage restful sleep. Click here for more and at


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First Published in May 2008

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