Supreme Court immunises vaccine makers against law suits

The US Supreme Court has made a ruling 6-2 in favour of safeguarding the financial interests of the vaccine industry, because the high court majority considers vaccines to be unavoidably unsafe, and is worried about drug makers being sued and obligated to compensate vaccine victims

The US Court of Claims administers the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, established by Congress in 1986 as a non-adversarial way for vaccine victims to get compensation. However, the Court of Claims rejects almost four out of every five claims made.

Americans are forced by law to use dozens of vaccinations or be barred from schools, health insurance or employment. So siding with the vaccine industry in compensation claims is effectively shutting the door on parents who have children inured as a result of the compulsory vaccinations. The only leverage Americans have left is to campaign for safer vaccines and to defend vaccine exemptions in all public health laws. The parents of Hannah Bruesewitz, who suffered severe brain injury, developmental delays and lifeling seizure after DPT vaccination, and who were denied compensation, had her attorneys sue in civil court and produced evidence that the DPT vaccine manufacturer had the technology to produce a purer vaccination.

The two dissenting Justices in the Supreme Court wrote that the decision taken had left a regulatory vacuum in which no one, neither the FDA nor any other agency can insure that vaccine manufacturers will adequately take account of advancements in science and technology.

Courtesy of Natural News

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