Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research references are listed, as nearly as possible, by the dates on which the research was first published or brought into the public domain.
Clicking on the title of the research will take you either to a precis of the findings (with further links to the relevant source material) or directly to that source material.

Because many original research papers remain restricted by publishers it is not always possible to link visitors to the original research so the links that we give will normally be to the 'second level' reports from reliable and respected sources such as MedicalNewsToday, WebMD, MedPage Today and Medscape.

If you wish to pursue your own researches beyond these pages, one of our regular contributors, John Scott, has some suggestions for sites which will provide you with reliable and informative material.

Chinese Herbal Formula-3 inhibits food allergy in rats by stabilizing mast cells through modulating calcium mobilization. July 3013

Acupuncture offers a low cost, effective alternative to surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee – August 2012

Acupuncture effective for chronic pain -September 2012 ; further discussion on the NYTimes Well blog.

Acupuncture can improve skeletal muscle atrophy April 2012

A traditional Chinese herbal remedy known as kampo helped to relieve daily asthma symptoms in nearly all of the 200 people studied. March 2012

Acupuncture and antihistamine both successful in reducing eczema itch. Abstract here, comment here. Febuary 2012

Chinese medicine twice a successful as conventional Western medicine in treatment of infertility. December 2011 More information here and here.

Acupuncture successful for depression in pregnancy
Febuart 2010

New insights into how acupuncture may control pain
May 2010

Acupuncture helps control pain
Febuary 2010 and November 2008

Acupuncture can relieve preganancy indigestion
March 2010

Chinese medicine for depression – an encouraging study
December 2009

Acupuncture being used for pain control on the battlefield
December 2008

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache
December 2008

Acupuncture works with ADHD children
January 2008

Acupuncture for respiratory allergies
January 2007

Articles on acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine

First Published in January 2007


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