Bioresonance, allergies and electromagnetic sensitivity


Sarah Dacre, who is a trustee of ES-UK, the main UK electrosensitivity support group, and has suffered from serious allergies and ES herself, has found bioresonance treatment very helpful with both her allergies and her ES sensitivity.

She has attended Leigh Bradley's clinics – he operates in both London and Essex – but he also has an interesting website,, which gives a lot of background information about not only bioresonance and what it is, but about the electrical connectivity of the human body. The section 'Bioresonance - the beginning' is especially interesting.

Leigh Bradley's clinics use a Rayocomp machine (see for details of some of their products) which is widely used in Germany. Simply put, 'It is possible through Bio Resonance technology to send an "inverse oscillation" pattern of energy of any toxin to the body to cancel out its electromagnetic charge. This renders the toxin inert or nearly so. With little or no energy in the toxins electromagnetic field, the immune system can easily remove the remains of the toxin from the body.'

If that does not seem simple, read the section suggested above which should make it more so!

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