John Scott's tools for do-it-yourself dowsing


As a follow on to Nicki Greenham's article, John Scott has a few practical suggestions:

The British Society of Dowsers (01684 576969 can supply pendulums and books on dowsing to anyone wishing to learn this technique. They have illustrated lists of pendulums in different materials, shapes and sizes and an annotated book list - The Dowser's Bookshelf - of over 400 titles on all aspects of dowsing and related subjects.

The hardback, 'Dowsing for Health' by Dr P MacManaway (2001), or its softback reprint - under the new title 'Energy dowsing for Everyone' (2004) - provides everything a newcomer to dowsing is likely to want to know, in an easily accessible and well illustrated format.

A website that might also be helpful is:


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