Chinese herbs can complement proven allergy treatments

Chinese herbs have been successfully used to treat allergy in the East for thousands of years and research in the west has been on going for some years. See our report from 2005.

However, allergists at the recent annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology are now discussing how herbal treatments may be integrated into conventional treatments for allergy symptoms.

Dr William Silvers of the ACAAI Integrative Medicine Committee espouses the integration of therapies so that each allergic patient receives truly individual care.

In particular, one promising remedy is a Chinese herbal formula (FAHF-2), which early tests have shown to reduce peanut anaphylaxis in mice. FAHF-2 has a prolonged effect of up to 40 weeks, with very few side effects. However, caution is advised before taking any herbal formulas, and patients should always consult their allergists before starting any additional treatments.

Source: ACAAI


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First Publishd in November 2010


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