Oxygen therapy

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Ingested oxygen therapy. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson describes her own experiences with ingested oxygen. January 2015

Ruth Holroyd, who suffers from multiple serious allergies, is trying hyperbaric oxygen as a way of managing her allergies. Check into her blog, What Allergy?, to follow her progress. 08/11

Managing electrosensitivity  - could oxygen be an answer? Michelle Berriedale Johnson charts her progess in dealing with her electro-sensitivity (including a run down on ES, what it is and how to manage it) and describes the oxygen treatment which appears to have made a crucial difference. 2011

Hyperbaric oxygen and inflammation – Jane Dean explains how it can also be used to treat allergy and, maybe, even autism. 04/11

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Trust (HBOTT), a non-profit organisation that provides information and advice on hyperbaric oxygen treatment, has just launched a new website to help raise the profile and understanding of oxygen therapy. 01/10

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: how pumping oxygen through sick or injured patients can promote health – Jane Dean 2007

Breath for Life: an update on Breath for Life, the charity set up to treat sick or injured patients with oxygen – Jane Dean 2005

A history of oxygen therapies and discussion  of aerobic oxygen, a stable oxygen product developed in Canada. From Positive Health 2000 


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