Pills or food?
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Andrew Stefanczyk runs a website (www.turnbacktime.co.uk) looking at non-drug anti-aging treatments – but he also has a 19-year-old daughter, Chelsey, who has been severely intolerant to both wheat and dairy all her life.

Conscious that she might well be missing out on nutrients, Andrew has always taken care to ensure that she is well supplied with nutritional supplements – but is also aware not only that she often forgets to take them, but that, because of her compromised digestion, she does not always absorb them as well as she should – or as well as she might do from foods with a similar micronutrient profile.

So he came up with this idea for a website which would tell you what foods you could eat to deliver the same amount of vitamins, minerals, EFAs etc as were in your supplements. And that is exactly what Pillsorfood does: you enter the micronutrient you are interested in and it brings up a table giving you the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for anyone from an infant in arms to a pensioner. You then enter the number of milligrams or micrograms of that micronutrient to be found in your supplement and it shows you the relevant food stuff and how much of it you need to eat to access that amount of the nutrient. Simple!

And, as Andrew says, the advent of 'smart' phones which allow you to access the internet from your shopping trolley means that you can check in as you are doing your shopping and buy accordingly.

Check it out for yourself at www.pillsorfood.com



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First Published in September 2010

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