Colostrum for skin conditions and heat induced gut disorders?

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An eleven-year-old gelding with a history of summer skin allergies has finally found a solution in coconut oil and Colostrum-38. Toi Trent met Tyberius when he was six years old, and every summer he would develop scabs on his midline, the top of his tail and on his main, making his life very itchy and uncomfortable. After trying everything from fly-sheets to tea tree and colloidal silver, Toi contacted Biostar, producers of equestrian wholefoods, who recommended Colostrum-38. This supplement aims to support the horses immune systems, and contains pre- and probiotics and peptides.

Within two weeks, Toi reports, Tyberius’s coat came back and his skin cleared up. When one small spot of bad skin appeared at his tail, Toi simply upped the Colostrum-38 for a week, rubbed coconut oil on the patch and it cleared up.

Could there be an application for humans?

Source: Dressage Daily

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