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Video of Professor Ton Baars, a senior Swiss scientist on milk quality, talking about raw milk at the Weston Price 2012 conference, including a thorough review of recent peer reviewed articles. 2012

Diet, healing & daily life: Mark Mabon of the LoveChefs on why & how to bring raw foods into your diet for good and Cressida Langlands reports on one of the Lovechefs raw workshops. August 2013

New studies confirm that raw-milk is a low risk food.
For more on raw milk see The Complete Patient and The Campaign for Real Milk. June 2013

Raw Milk: Juliette Scarfe is a skincare expert and beauty therapist with her own range of beauty products, Bare Skin Beauty. She is also a very passionate raw milk enthusiast. May 2013

The Raw Milk debate. Interesting and detailed article in Caduceus in which Ann Woodriff Beirne examines the issues and the evidence in the raw milk debate. November 2011

FDA use flawed data to target raw milk cheese
Febuary 2011

Wise Traditions – Gill Jacobs reports on the 2010 Weston A Price Foundation conference on Philadelphia. Febuary 2011

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