Fish allergy

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A parent's guide to shellfish allergy in their child. June 2012

Fish allergy develops late in life. April 2010


Research Reports

Shellfish and house dust mite allergies: is the Link Tropomyosin? March 2016

Fish allergic patients have been generally advised for strict universal avoidance of fish. However, testing with various fish species or preparations might identify one or more forms that can be tolerated. February 2015

T Cell Epitope Immunotherapy Ameliorates Allergic Responses in a Murine Model of Shrimp Allergy. November 2015

Allergenicity of fish is considered to correlate with the content of parvalbumin and large-sized migratory fish, such as salmon, swordfish and tuna, were commonly very low in both parvalbumin content and IgE reactivity. August 2015

Dogfish appears to be tolerated by children with fish allergy. September 2015

Immunisation with shrimp allergen inhibits allergic reactions. November 2014

Seafood Allergy, Toxicity, and Intolerance: A Review. August 2015

Barnacle hypersensitivity. March 2002

Fish allergics may react to omega-3 supplements based on fish oils. October 2014

Seafood allergy in cooks is mostly characterized by a quick progressive course of disease from the start of the cooking career. The prognosis for continuance in occupation is poor and an emergency kit should be provided for life by the responsible accident insurer. October 2014

Immunotherapy using house dust mite extracts may lead to improvement in some cases of seafood allergy. 2014

Fish allergies can be species specific. March 2014

Fish allergy causes angioedema and secondary angle-closure glaucoma. March 2013

Airborne seafood allergens major cause of occupational allergy and asthma in seafood processing workers. July 2013

Eating fish in infancy not only appears to reduce the risk of fish allergy but of food and seasonal allergies in later life. April 2013

Fish skin-derived gelatin poses little risk for the fish-allergic consumer. July 2012

Allergies to shellfish may wane with age. June 2006

Seafood, iodine, CAT scans and allergic reactions. December 2005

Fish switching - a danger to your health - and your pocket. September 2009

Allergen-free prawns. July 2007

When is a fish allergy not a fish allergy? April 2007



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