To reduce allergic reactions in the garden

Tips from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology:

• Try to garden on rainy, cloudy and windless days – pollen levels are typically lower.

• Immunotherapy (allergy shots) can help reduce symptoms.

• Whenever working around plants likely to cause an allergic reaction, avoid touching your eyes or face.

• Consider wearing a mask to reduce the amount of pollen spores that you breathe in.

• Wear gloves, long sleeves and trousers to minimise skin contact with allergens.

• Leave gardening tools and clothing – such as gloves and shoes – outside to avoid bringing allergens indoors.

• Shower immediately after gardening.

People with allergies can also minimise reactions by choosing low allergen plants for their garden.

See also Low Allergen Gardening article.

First published in August 2008


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