Delicious and dairy-free ice cream, but beware the lupin proteins


A new ice cream has hit the market, made from lupin protein, which manages to taste creamy, realistic AND avoid using dairy. This is great news for those allergic to animal dairy, but for those with allergies to legumes or other seeds, it may be dangerous because lupin has been found to be allergenic.

Devised by Fraunhofer researchers and available from German supermarkets, Lupinesse comes in Vanilla-Cherry, Strawberry-Mousse, Walnut-Dream and Choco-Flakes flavours. Lupin protein had been shelved as a food product until lupin expert Gerhard Kloth suggested they use the blue sweet lupin. This variety is rich in protein and has a balanced flavour. The plant does well in German soil and improves the soil quality with its nitrogen-binding roots. The protein from the seeds is used and is what gives the ice cream its creamy consistency.

Source: ScienceDaily

First published in July 2011


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