Lupin allergy

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US Food and Drink Adminstration warns of cross reactivity between lupin, peanut and soya beans, esepcially in gltuen-free food. September 2014.

Delicious and dairy-free ice cream, but beware the lupin proteins. Sepember 2011

Lupin allergy: investigating lupin flour, another possible serious allergen used in prepared foods, by Dr Harry Morrow Brown. 2007


Research Reports

Lupin and Other Potentially Cross-Reactive Allergens in Peanut Allergy.
Noemberv 2016
Lupin sensitization is reported in 15-20% of individuals with peanut allergy. This article reviews current understanding of this cross-reactivity.

Beware more lupin proteins coming to a plate near you. January 2011

The nutritional value of Andalusian lupins. September 2009

Beware the lupin. June 2009


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