Black rice bran may help soothe allergic inflammation 


Researchers in Korea and California have been testing the effects of black rice bran (the outer husk of the grain normally removed during processing) extract on skin inflammation in laboratory mice. Previous research on cell cultures had suggested that black rice bran suppressed the release of histamine, which causes inflammation.

When they injected the extract into the mice, it reduced skin inflammation by about 32% compared to control animals and also decreased production of certain substances known to promote inflammation. Brown rice bran extract did not have the same effect.

When they fed the mice a diet containing 10% black rice bran, it reduced swelling associated with allergic contact dermatitis.

The researchers believe that their works demonstrates the ‘potential value of black rice bran as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic food ingredient and possibly also as a therapeutic agent for the treatment and prevention of diseases associated with chronic inflammation’.

Sun Phil Choi, Sung Phil Kim, Mi Young Kang, Seok Hyun Nam, Mendel Friedman. Protective Effects of Black Rice Bran against Chemically-Induced Inflammation of Mouse Skin. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2010; 58 (18): 10007

First published in November 2010

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