US Allergy drugs market to exceed $14.7 billion by 2015

Allergy is a widespread and growing health problem in almost all countries worldwide and ranks among the most major chronic diseases in the US. Allergeis can result from both genetic and environmental triggers, the most common environmental allergens including dust, pollen, mould, pet dander and insect bites, and well as certain foods and drugs.

Antihistamines represent the most widely prescribed anti-allergy products, followed by corticosteroids. But while sales of allergy drugs are growing, the market is also simultaneously witnessing demand increase for alternative medication, as more and more people are showing preference for alternative therapies for the treatment of their allergies.

None the less, a recent report on the allergy drugs market estimates that by 2015 the US market for allergy drugs will exceed $14.7 billion.

First published February 2010


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