Overcoming a decade-long food allergy

A woman who suddenly developed allergic reactions to nearly everything she ate, including dairy, gluten, wheat, sugars, oil and fats, and whose diet was limited to bowls of rice for twelve years, has started being able to tolerate more foods, and this year was gearing up to enjoy her first traditional Christmas meal.

After her plight made the national news, she was contacted by a dietician who advised a slow introduction of foods, beginning with a clear broth made from boiling chicken carcasses, until she could tolerate omelettes and lamb chops.

Now, although she has to be careful, and still cannot tolerate many foods, she was hoping to enjoy turkey, sprouts, carrots, green beans, parsnips and potatoes. No mince pies or Christmas pudding however, and a special stuffing made with gluten-free mince meat and chestnuts.

Source: The Daily Mail

First published in November 2011

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