Callum's Story (Contd.)

And following on from Vanessa's account, Callum says....

Vanessa: When did you become aware of your food allergies?
Callum: I think you explained them to me when I was about three and I was going to a party or something.

V: What happened when you went to parties?
C: You had to go with me to check I was OK. You gave me my food and made sure I didn't eat anything I wasn't allowed, then stayed around in case I got wheezy. Now I'm older you can make sure I've got the right food and leave me there because I know what I shouldn't eat and if I need my inhaler.

V: Have your allergies affected your school life?
C: A bit - like when they give out sweets when it's somebody's birthday; it's often chocolate and I won't be able to have it. But that doesn't bother me much. I have these allergies and I've got to live with them and I shouldn't complain.

V: Do you feel that you're treated differently by the other children?
C: No - only if people have got nuts and eggs they move away from me. I have to explain to them that it's only peanuts that affect me when I breathe them in - other foods are OK and they can stay near me.

V: You've recently grown out of your allergy to other nuts. How do you feel about that?
C: I feel that it's good in some ways but bad in others. I felt it was like a world record that I was allergic to all nuts - and now I've lost it.

V: So your allergies make you feel special in some ways?
C: Yes - because it's very unusual to find someone else with so many. When I go into a new class I tell every one I've got allergies just in case they eat peanut butter and sit next to me or something like that. Two other children pretended they had food allergies - I didn't like that because I felt they were kind of making fun of it.

V: Are there other children at school with food allergies?
C: I know two people who have peanut allergy which makes me feel better because they're more like me.

V: Do you like going to cafés and restaurants?
C: I don't like going to strange restaurants because things happen, like once they said I could have the raspberry sorbet then when I was starting to eat it they whipped it away because they said it had egg in it. I do like going to Pizza Express because they do me pizza with out cheese and I can have their sorbet. I liked the Tex- Mex place even though they made a lot of fuss before they gave me any food.

V: What would you like to happen in the future?
C: I would like to grow out of my egg and milk allergies so that I can have cake, puddings and ice cream. I'd also like to have soya because it's in my Easter eggs and if I eat them I'll get eczema. But if I grew out of all of them it would feel weird not having to check ingredients and stuff all the time.

First published in 2007

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