Personal histories of food allergy

These histories are only published with the permission of those concerned. In some cases the names may have been changed.

The Breakspear protocol through life. Julie Anne Goode has suffered from multiple allergies since her earliest childhood and again and again she has been 'rescued' by Dr Jean Monro and the protocols she has set up at Breakspear Medical. November 2019 

Kate Lawrence has just taken up a post as our new research reporter – and what excellent credentials she has for the job – both professional and personal! Septemebr 2016

Zac and the infected eczema that turned out to be MRSA. January 2015

Body temperature and the immune system. Janey read Jonny's story (two below) and, having gone through something similar herself, she found that she was able to significantly improve the functioning of her immune system by addressing her central hypothermia. For more on this see Janey site November 2013

Two 'real life' stories of allergy bullying here and here. August 2013

Jonny's story – How antibiotics wrecked my gut and screwed up my brain. May 2013

Long Facebook post about 11-year-old Daniel who is gradually overcoming very severe allergies and eczema with the help of sublingual immunotherapy and Chinese herbs. November 2011

A great blog by the mother of four-year-old Gabriel who has a multiplicity of life threatening allergies. September 2010

Severe Tourettes syndrome tracked back to sensitivity to aspartame. August 2010

The story of Molly Harrad - a ten-year-old who not only has multiple food allergies but reacts to most man-made materials - Daily Mail. August 2009

Rhiannon 2009: Long-term readers of Foods Matter will remember Rhiannon whose early years were filled with gastric tubes and horrendous allergic reactions. Rhiannon is now nine and a half and although she is much better than she was her troubles are not over.

Mary’s story: a mother’s story of her allergic baby daughter, by Sam Collett. 2007

Callum’s story: Vanessa Gibbons read 'Mary's Story' (above) and it brought back so many memories of her own struggles when Callum was a baby that she picked up her pen... 2007

Pig in the kitchen: mother of four Melanie Fenson tells how she deals with intolerances in her family, including a delicious recipe. 2007

Total food intolerance – Rhiannon: a personal history of the first six years or so of her life, provided by her mother, Sarah. 2006

Total food intolerance – Isobel: a personal history of the effects of medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol on one 64-year-old woman, Isobel Bracewell. 2006.

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