Zac and the infected eczema that proved to be MRSA...

We met Nicola when she was recommended to us a possible judge for the FreeFrom Food Awards – and indeed she is judging for us this coming week. But when we talked to her we found out about Zac.

ZacZac (seen here as a grumpy but delightful toddler) has just turned six. He is extremely intolerant to dairy, gluten and wheat and less dramatically intolerant to a number of other foods, intolerances which may have been triggered when he contracted swine flu aged only one. The food intolerances have now been joined by asthma and eczema, plus some Oral Allergy Syndrome reactions.

But all of this is manageable with a combination antihistamiines, inhalers and a very strict diet and Zac is normally a healthy and happy little boy.

However, eighteen months ago his eczema appeared to get infected and he (and his father) started to suffer from boils. Zac also became continually itchy but although his skin was dry it was not particularly eczematous – not sufficiently so to cause a permanent itch. Nothing much to worry about, said their GP. But how wrong they were ...

At this point we will allow Nicola to take up the story so please click here to go to her post on her blog, Feeding my Intolerant Child.

First published January 2015

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