Salicylates and nasal polyps

The following was a comment added to a blog about the less common, but widely suffered intoerlances such as salicylate and histamine.

I was very interested to read the various comments made on the subject of salicylate allergy.

In 1993 I was diagnosed as having nasal polyps in ALL my sinus cavities. I had a major operation to remove these, but 6 months later I was as bad as ever. I saw a different consultant and he immediately said he had had a previous patient with a similar problem and it was an allergic reaction to salicylate. He referred me to a dietitian who suggested to me that I contacted Allergy UK. I was sent a comprehensive diet sheet, and when I saw the consultant 3 months later, a scan showed a great reduction in the number of polyps. A scan 3 months after that showed my sinuses were clear. I kept to that diet sheet for many years and have had no further problems.

I owe a great deal to Allergy UK, and wish them every success in their endeavours to get better treatment for allergy sufferers.

For an in depth investigation into salicylate intolerance see Dr Joneja's article here and for a wide selection of other articles on salicylate intolerance, including some personal experiences see here. For articles on other uncommon allergies and intolerances see here.

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