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An exchange from the Faceboook Helminthic Support group:
N:     A year into hosting helminths for SS & HIT and I'm doing great. I'm able to tolerate almost anything except milk. I was so happy I could finally drink coffee again & now the milk is holding me back. Any of you also have stubborn foods ?
B:     Can you tell me what SS and HIT is? All my feeble mind can come up with is SSHIT, which would describe how many us feel day to day while seeking the answer.
N:    Hahaha, that is hilarious, how did I never notice that before?! Stands for salicylate Sensitive & Histamine intolerant but shall forever more be know as simply SSHIT!

Interesting post on salicyate free cosmetics on the Allergy Insight blog inMay 2018 followed by a second post on Salicylate free toothpaste in June.

Can salicylate intolerance be life threatening? Not of itself, says Dr Joneja, but someone who is intolerant to salicyaltes may also have have life threatening allergies. May 2018

Salicylate in tolerance and fibre in the diet – Dr Joneja explains how to get enough... November 2015

Salicylate intolerance – In response to a query Dr Janice Joneja explains that salicylate intolerance is not an allergy and suggests an easy test to establish whether you might be intolerant. November 2015

Salicylate intolerance – Margaret Moss asks who has the problem – and why. March 2015

Salicylate intolerance and nasal polyps. January 2015

Salicylate intolerance - personal experiences and treatment plan from SA sufferer, Leigh Devin. December 2014

New salicylate blog by celiac with salicylate and histamine intolerances. November 2014

High doses of salicylates can cause hearing loss. December 2013

Success stories from the Food Intolerance Network. The eczema section contains a number of interesting experiences to do with salicylates. November 2013

Salicylate intolerance – mechanism of action, salicylates and asthma and the management of salicylate intolerance. Dr Janice Joneja. November 2013

Table of salicylate-bearing herbs. August 2013

Support website at

Psoriasis could be linked to salicylate intolerance. Blog post from mother of multi allergic child whose psoriasis (and  behaviour and bowel movements) improved markedly on a salicylate free diet. April 2013

Salicylate allergy can cause anaphylaxis. Human interest story. April 2013

Comment on salicylate intolerance recently from a closed Facebook group:
Since salicylate intolerance is just due to impaired phase II liver detox, something that can be healed, i used milk thistle for a few weeks, and paid a lot of attention to avoiding anything that would stress my liver, like large meals. i also made sure i drank lots of water. in not much time at all, the liver congestion was easing, and i no longer was intolerant of salicylates. at this point i can drink pure peppermint oil in water. a few months ago that might have either made me really sick or worse. February 2013

Comment from tomato grower: Roma tomatoes contain the lowest level of salicylates of any tomatoes.

Salicylate intolerance – some helpful suggestions on the Food Can Make You Ill site with links to a salicylate handbook.

Salicylate intolerance: A detailed look at one woman’s discovery of her sensitivity to salicylate, and the discovery of exactly how many foods contain salicylate. By Diane Palmer. 2005.

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Research Reports


Scientists explore new fragrance compounds to replace salicylates in perfumes. October 2013

Salicylate sensitivity in patients on analgesics. June 2008

Assessing salicylate tolerance. October 2007


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