Sesame allergy

The US Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis News recently carried some information on where sesame seeds are to be found that we thought readers might fine useful.

Sesame protein is to be found in sesame seeds, flour, paste (tahini) and oil. Sesame oil is always unrefined so includes significant amounts of protein.

Prepared and ethnic foods likely to include sesame seeds:
• all bakery products
• breadcrumbs/breaded foods
• breakfast cereals
• snacks - tortilla chips, pretzels, rice cakes etc
• cereal and energy bars
• salad dressings, spice mixes and marinades
• baba ghanoush
• falafel
• goma-dofu (Japanese custard)
• halvah
• hummus
• Japanese/Chinese dipping sauces
• pasteli (Greek dessert)
• sushi
• vegetarian burgers.

Sesame may also be used in soaps and cosmetics – it will be listed as sesanum indicum.

First published in February 2009

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