Soybeans no longer a musical fruit?

Soybeans may drop off the list of musical fruit. Scientists in Singapore are reporting victory over the ‘flatulence factor’ caused by indigestible sugars found in soy.

In a study scheduled for the November 12 issue of ACS' bi-weekly Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they describe a method for significantly reducing the amount of flatulence-causing carbohydrates in soy yogurt while raising the levels of healthy antioxidants known as isoflavones.

In the study, Dejian Huang and colleagues note that soy yogurt has a global market share of only 1.9%, even though it has a number of health advantages over dairy-based yogurt. That's partly because of the flatulence-causing compounds in soy. In order to develop a soy yogurt with reduced flatulence potential the researchers germinated black soybeans in the presence of a fungus that produced enzymes capable of degrading the undesired sugars without reducing the level of isoflavones.

Source Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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First published in January 2009

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