Wheat anaphylaxis caused by soap product containing hydrolysed wheat proteins

A study from the Department of Dermatology, National Fukuoka Hospital, Japan, collected 12 cases of wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA), all female, who had gradually developed WDEIA or wheat anaphylaxis over 2 years. All the females had been using a soap product containing wheat proteins.

Most of the 12 suffered immediate contact allergic reactions after or at the time of using the soap product. Reactions stopped after the patients stopped eating wheat-containing foods and using the soap in question. Ten of the 12 had low-level IgE to CAP-recombinant w-5-gliadin.

Since the wheat anaphylaxis was likely to be caused by the wheat proteins in the soap product, the researchers concluded that it is important that doctors know of this possible cause of sensitisation.

Source: Japanese Journal of Allergology

First published in November 2011

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