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TOURETTE SYNDROME: Stop your tics by learning what triggers them by Sheila Rogers DeMare. Review by Hannah Lawrence. November 2017

Histamine and Tourette’s syndrome – tics disappear in mice treated with histamine June 2017
We all know that the neurotransmitter, histamine, is associated with allergies but recent research suggests it may also play a role in a variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions too. In this study, scientists tried to create a mouse model of Tourette’s syndrome where the mice showed increased grooming behaviour. This excessive grooming behaviour was found to disappear when the mice were treated with histamine. Suggesting a possible mechanism that requires further investigation with regard to its role in treating tics. See here for a summary of the article and here for the academic summary.

StopTicsToday – a new non-profit group raising funds for research into, and support for, the rapidly growing numbers of both children and adults who suffer from tics. November 2014

Sugar, fat, food and addiction: New approaches to the mental health crisis
A FABResearch conference. Notes on the presentations by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
July 2014

'Real life' story by 11-year-old Meredith whose Tourette's has been massively improved by excluding gluten and dairy and good nutritional supplementation. Couresy of Latitudes. Juen 2014

Tics, Strep, Allergies, and Magnesium Deficiency by Dr. Mary Ann Block is Medical Director of The Block Center, an international clinic for the treatment of chronic health problems in children and adults. Courtesy of Latitudes. May 2013

Day to Day Survival Tips in Special Needs Families. Courtesy of Latitudes. April 2013

The Colour of Worry – or how colour therapy can banish the Worry Fairy – by Laura Matheos. Courtesy of Latitudes.September 2012

Bye-Bye Tics! Eli's Healthy New Life. Tammy Jackson describes how diet and envirnmental control has helped her sone Eli's Tourettes. Courtesy of Latitudes

Nutrient Power – Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain. A review of Dr. Bill Walsh's long-awaited book, courtesy of Latitudes – July 2012

A useful post on Dr John Briffa's blog suggesting that many apparent instances of mental health problems are actually caused by physiological or nutitional problem. He also highlights an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal by Harvard psychiatrist Barbara Schildkrout, who has written a new book, 'Unmasking Psychological Symptoms', aimed at helping therapists broaden their diagnostic skills so that they can pick up underlying physical conditions which may be causing, or at least contributing, to a mental health problem. August 2011

PANDAS – a frightening condition, thought to be caused by the common 'strep throat' bacteria, whose symptoms can include tics, obsessions, compulsions and anorexia. Courtesy of Latitudes – May 2010


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Research Reports


Alcoholism linked to lack of intestinal bacteria. October 2014

Tooth fillings using BPA may lead to behavioural problems in children. July 2012

Common flame retardant linked to social, behavioural and learning deficits
Febuary 2012

Gut bacteria may influence brain chemistry and behaviour
May 2012

Be happy - spread joy!
March 2009

Fears over new drug orders for mental health patients
November 2008

Under new UK legislation, mental health patients may be forced to take their medication
October 2008

New study shows link between middle-ear disease and schizophrenia
September 2008

Identification of mechanism behind mind-body connection explains how chronic emotional stress ages the immune system
July 2008

Minimising traumatic response to bad memories
July 2008

Blood test hope for mood disorder
March 2008

Hypnosis establishes whether epileptic seizures in children are actually involuntary physical reactions to psychological stress
March 2008

Adrenal burn out – possible cause of mental heatlh symptoms
June 2007

Can rage be treated with vitamins?
April 2007



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