Active packaging tops MAP for gluten-free bread’s shelf life

Since the incidence of coeliac disease is increasing in developed countries, and therefore the demand for gluten-free products is increasing, scientists are trying to come up with ways to lengthen the shelf life of notoriously short life gluten-free products. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) had greater microbiological inhibition and therefore offered a longer shelf life, but it also increased texture hardness and crumbliness, whereas active packaging containing cinnamon essential oil improved flavour and sponginess.

In a study published in Packaging and Technology Science, three different packing techniques were compared against each other. Sensory and in-depth statistical studies were carried out on each option to evaluate the microbiological differences and the sensory quality of the bread. All the microbiological growth outcomes were the same, but only the MAP altered the texture by increasing its hardness.

Source: Wiley Online Library


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