Crohn's, milk and gluten


Two letters in recent issues of the NACC News ( National Association for Crohn’s and colitis) suggest that it might be worth Crohn’s sufferers at least trying an exclusion diet.

‘SS’ from Norfolk has had Crohn’s since she was 14 (now 60). After several major bouts of surgery she was advised to cut down on dairy products and immediately noticed a real difference.
More recently she indulged, with her daughter who had just got a job in bakery, in a major pig-out on lovely bakery left overs – with disastrous consequences for her Crohn’s. Putting two and two together, she also removed gluten from her diet – and has never felt better. Her bowels are more predictable, she has finally managed to put on some weight – and she wouldn’t dream of going back on gluten.

Meanwhile, ‘KG’ from Wiltshire had Crohn’s for over 40 years, controlled by prednisolone. On a recent caravaning holiday he and his wife found it more convenient to use UHT milk and his Crohn’s improved significantly. On returning home he continued to use UHT milk and his Crohn’s has remained in abeyance.

Courtesy of NACC News 01727 830038

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First Published in December 2008

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