The recent Channel 4 programme on Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit, which included a report on his use in the 1930s of an early FMT treatment, Mutaflor.

Afer the programme John Scott sent us the following comments about Mutaflor which is still very muc with us today.

You can buy Mutaflor from the Metropolitan Pharmacy in Germany.

They understand English, are very helpful and possibly the cheapest source. When sending them a credit card number by email, split this into at least two parts and send these separately via different emails for added security.

You may still be able to get Mutaflor from the Berlinda Versand Apotheke (trans. Berlinda Mail Order Pharmacy), although they have recently replied to a US customer with this: "I'm sorry but in the USA we ship basically no cooling products. The journey is too long and the bacteria survive under any circumstances." Their website is in German but is not too difficult to understand and their staff speak English, and are extremely helpful. This is the Mutaflor page.

Once you have some Mutaflor, this can be cultured at home.

The Taymount Clinic in Hitchin incorporate Mutaflor into a "Super Probiotic" /"Yoghurt for Super-Heroes", which is Kefir, cultured VSL#3 and Mutaflor. See here.
Taymount developed this recipe and use it for their own oral consumption as well as that of their donors and patients undergoing Faecal Microbiota Transplant treatments. They also use it as a retention enema.

The "Super Probiotic"/"Yoghurt for Super-Heroes" is made by combining the following:

* Long-Life (UHT) milk (This is the milk in cartons that is stored at room temperature. This has been ultra-heated so there are no remaining bacteria to compete for resources with the new probiotic cultures, which are able to grow faster and produce thicker yoghurt with improved texture. Raw or pasteurised milk can be used but it will produce a thinner, milk-like consistency.)
* Kefir
* Mutaflor
* VSL#3
* Fructooligosaccharide

To make the Super Probiotic, stir one sachet of VSL#3 into a litre of sterilised, Long-Life (UHT) milk, separate this into 100 ml pots and place these in a yogurt maker or dehydrator set to 37-38 degrees centigrade for 4-6 hours. Repeat this process with Mutaflor, mixing one adult daily dose in 1 litre of sterilised, Long-Life (UHT) milk, which makes 10 yoghurt pots of thick set Mutaflor yoghurt.

You can hold back one pot of each culture to produce a second culturing, and even sometimes a tertiary culturing. Although the third culture may be somewhat thin, you can still get a minimum of 19 daily doses from one adult daily capsule.

Once the VSL#3 and Mutaflor cultures are nicely set, pour 100ml of each into 500-700ml of strained kefir, then stir in a couple of heaped teaspoonfuls of FOS. Keep chilled and use within 24 hours as the FOS makes the bacteria quite lively!


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