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Low level prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides significantly lowers IQ in children – a review of the evidence in the Townsend Letter. January 2012

US Environmental Protection Agency announces plan to require disclosure of inert pesticide ingredients December 2009

An inexpensive 'dipstick' test for pesticides in foods
December 2009

Infants in the USA exposed to unsafe levels of thyroid-damaging perchlorate.
November 2009

Twelve fruits and vegetables that rank highest for pesticide residues - from the Health Sciences Institute in Baltimore - 2009



First Published in 2009


Research Reports


Danish researchers establish that multiple chemicals in foods (pesticide residues etc) have an additive, 'cocktail' effect greater than that of each individual chenical. Traditionally harm has been assessed only on the harmful effect of each individual chemcial. March 2015

Pesticide exposure may trigger food allergies – October 2012

The human cost of pesticides
Febuary 2011

Deet mosquito repellent is neurotoxic
July 2009

Combined exposure to the endocrine disrupting chemical atrazine and electromagnetic radiation – a new hazard. January 2010

Underactive thyroid linked to pesticide exposure
January 2010

Pesticides and Parkinson's disease

Pesticide exposure may link to depression
June 2009

Possible pesticides/birth defects link
April 2009

Fruit juice pesticide warning
(Febuary 2009

New rules on pesticide residues bring Europe into line
October 2008

Natural pest control
September 2007

Chlorpyrifos and mental development in infants
May 2007

‘Inert’ ingredients in pesticides can be as harmful as the active ones
May 2007

Free consumer guide to pesticides in produce offered by the Environmental Working Group
April 2007

Asthma sufferers at greater risk from pesticides
January 2007

How many pesticide residues are really in our food?
January 2007

Could pesticides be affecting fertility rates?
October 2006

Chronic fatigue and organophosphates
May 2006

Could chlorpyrifos cause depression?
April 2006


First Published in April 2006


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