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This section includes links to other useful ES sites.

Click here for links to organisations offering measuring and shielding devices.


Comprehensive listing of ES sites worldwide supplied by the French site - 2009
Useful US links site which includes some good technical wireless sites and government guidelines as well as sites concerned with the health effects of EMR.
The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public on matters related to electromagnetic (EM)
phenomena. It was formerly known as h.e.s.e. UK. Information on the disappearance of the bees can be found here.

Breakspear Medical Group   The UK's leading environmental hospital treating allergies and chemical/ electrical sensitivities.

Coghill Research Laboratories. Run by Roger Coghill who has been at the forefront of electromagnetic research for the last 30 years, the laboratory specialises in bioelectromagnetics, the interaction of electricity and magnetism with organic life. Their work includes the development of therapeutic magnet therapy as well as research into the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, power lines etc.

Doctors for Safer Schools
An international advisory board founded by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, and health educator Kerry Crofton, PhD to address the health concerns of electro-magnetic radiation exposure in schools - for children, teachers and staff.

Dr Magda Havas
On you will find information related to the subject of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Here, Dr. Havas presents her research and the research from other scientists, activists, and individuals in the media who all share the goal of informing the public about the hazzards of modern electrical technology and how to use these devices safely. - resource site for ES sufferers run by Californian 'ES refugee' who now lives in Austria with his emdical dototr wife. Includes special section for children and parents and an intesting blog.
Canadian website run by Dr Magda Havas, one of the pioneers of dirty electricty and wireless technologies. – Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa – South African support and advocacy.   Interesting and useful site run by ES sufferer Troy Knight. - UK support organisation working towards the recognition of ES by the general population and the medical profession, and seeking ways to ameliorate the condition of sufferers.

The huge US natural health site, Dr Mercola, now has a complete subsite on electromegnetic radiation - plenty of good articles and research material.

EMF Portal - a web-based information platform run by the University Hospital at Aachen University. Excellent research material (although some only in German) regarding the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans. Aimed at scientists, politicians, lawyers, physicians and interested citizens who want to be able make their own informed decisions.

Through appropriate, unbiased research, the US EMR Policy Institute aims to foster a better understanding at federal, state and international levels, of the environmental and human biological effects of electromagentic exposures.

Environmental Health Center - Dallas
Founded in 1974 by Dr William Rea, one of the world's foremost environmental medicine experts. The centre treats chemically and electrically sensitive patients in an environment which has been designed to eliminate all of the obvious sources of offending substances. - an international scientific internet platform on electromagnetic radiation. - a quarterly magazine which gives the other side of the story on how environmental pollution and the way we live affect our health, and the actions we can take to protect purselves.

The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) is a non-profit organisation based in Italy that promotes research to protect public health from electromagnetic fields and develops the scientific basis and strategies for assessment, prevention, management and communication of risk, based on the precautionary principle.   
UK group opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK and campaigning against the proliferation of wireless (microwave) technology including WiFi and cordless phones. A website dedicated to a international community of people suffering adverse health effects from microwave transmitting telecommunications masts & cell-towers in the vicinity of their homes.
A non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK electromagnetic field and microwave radiation health debate.

Radiation Research Trust's aims are to explain what is an often confused issue in an understandable way; make the past and current evidence available to the public and the media; lobby the U.K. Government and the EU to fund and prioritise the research effort and campaign for law and policy change based on proven science.

Refugium. Excellent new blog site run by Canadian journalist which includes a list of ES sanctuaries.   This is a UK government run site which, when you enter a post code, will show you the mobile phone and tetra masts in the vicicinty. However, please note that, unfortunately, the Site Finder site has NOT been updated since Summer 2006, as a result of a legal dispute with OFCOM over Freedom and Information requests from the Telecom operators.

The Swedish Association for the ElectroHypersensitive
A lot of useful background information from the one country which does recognise ES as a disability!
A comprehensive, one-stop guide for beginners to electrosmog and the serious health effects of pulsing microwaves from new wireless technologies

Weep Initiative - a Canadian initiative to stop wireless, electric and electromagnetic pollution - a interesting and informative site.
Site run by UK scientists to present the scientific evidence for concern concerning WiFi in schools. – dedicated to helping others who are questioning if wireless internet, or WiFi may cause adverse health effects particularly for teachers and students in the classroom.
A charity run by a group of concerned parents, raising awareness of the potential risks to children of exposure to radiation from mobile phones and other wireless technology. They hope to enable other parents, schools and children achieve a better balance between safety and convenience.
Wireless Education Action is a non-profit US group dedicated to increasing awareness about the biological effects of wireless devices. Our mission supports education and action activities and campaigns that are compelling and persistent in order to change belief and behavior.
Good, on the ball blog covering wifi in schools, smart meters etc



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